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The Benefits

Low cost exhibition stand package from the experts at Rock Solid Promotions

  • Cost of £250 per square metre includes set up and dismantle anywhere in the UK mainland, saving you time, stress and money.
  • Multiply your stand space width by its depth and then by £250. Example: 4m x 3m x £250 = £3,000 plus vat
  • Price includes pin sharp quality, totally seamless wall graphics (3m high) printed in one piece.
  • The package is suitable for any Shell Scheme or ‘Space Only’ booking you may have made with the Organisers of your next show.
  • Price includes installation, a project manager, furniture, lights, floor covering, reception counter and a literature rack.
  • Prices start at just £3,000 plus vat for the whole all-inclusive exhibition stand package
  • Prices are capped at £6,000 plus vat regardless of size.
  • No minimum size - No maximum size
  • Totally seamless, pin sharp quality back and side walls - printed in one piece.
  • A project manager will work with you in the weeks leading up to your exhibition and will handle all H&S paperwork for you.
  • The design opens up the floor space for you to add tables & chairs so you can talk to your visitors and even display your product.
  • The Rock Solid exhibition stand will fit any width or depth at your next exhibition as the stand design is infinitely scaleable.
  • No storage to worry about after the show
  • If your stand space or logo changes next time - no problem as the price remains the same
  • Because the graphic can change as part of the cost each time you exhibit - your message can change for each show too
  • The Rock Solid exhibition stand is environmentally friendly – we recycle or re use.


Price is £250 per square metre - capped at £6,000 including installation & graphics

£3,000 applies to stand spaces of 12 square metres or under.

All prices capped at £6,000 regardless of size, shape or UK venue.

To see previous examples of our exhibition stand package in action complete with costs for each stand - click here.


The Rock Solid Stand Package    Seamless l Effortless l Priceless



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