Custom Built Exhibition Stands

Tailor Made Exhibition Stands

After 15 years in the exhibition stand building industry you learn a thing or two.

We have learned that building a bespoke looking exhibition stand doesn't have to cost you the exhibitor a fortune.

I bet that if you are looking at this page you would have been quoted a rediculous amount of money to purchase a stand from a reputable stand contractor and you are now looking for a more cost effective option. Well look no further.

We are able to keep your costs down as we already own the structure that will make up the skeleton of your exhibition stand.

We don't have to buy anything in except for the graphic panels and the floor covering and the costs are per show so you don't need to think about adding storage costs etc. 

All of the examples below cost between £5000 and £10,000 including the installation, graphic panels, furniture, lights, counters and the removal afterwards so call Steve Slough today on 01483 563646 to discuss how we can help you to keep your costs down 


The Rock Solid Stand Package    Seamless l Effortless l Priceless


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