Exhibition Stand Contractor Package - FAQ's

What's included within the stand package price of £250 per square metre?

We have been exhibition stand builders and exhibition stand builders for over a decade and we have put together a package that we think has all the basics. Seamless graphics, installation, a wood effect floor covering, a bar table, two bar stools, a literature rack, exhibition lights to light up the graphics and the rest of your exhibition stand, a lockable reception counter with plenty of storage inside.

Do you include installation?

Yes, we include installation anywhere on the UK mainland as part of the price of £250 per square metre.

Do you have a limit as to how small you can build?

No, but 3m x 2m is as small as we have built so far and as you can see that looked great!

What about larger SPACE ONLY locations?

We will build one of our Rock Solid stand packages in any size you happen to have and the good news is we cap our costs at £6,000 plus vat as we think it's RUDE to charge you any more than that!

What about Island Sites (my stand space doesn't have any walls).

The good news is that we have developed a stand package specifically for you. At just £6,000 plus vat we can place this large storage facility with our trademark seamless side wall graphics and this has the added benefit of having a door at one end creating a large storage area inside!

 For more information call 01483 563646 or email steve@rocksolidpromotions.co.uk for more information.


 The Rock Solid Stand Package    Seamless l Effortless l Priceless

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