Health & Safety Policy

Exhibition Stand Contractors (Rock Solid Promotions Ltd) Health and Safety Policy 2015


The Health and Safety at Work Act (1974)


This Act applies to everyone in the workplace, and to anyone who is connected in any way to Rock Solid Promotions Ltd, such as contractors or members of the public.


Everyone in The Company has been provided with this information so that they are aware of their personal liabilities and the arrangements made for their Health and Safety.


The company aims to act as a good employer in all matters relating to their employees Health and Safety in relation to their work activities.


It also accepts responsibility for seeing that the conducting of its affairs is not in any way harmful to the Health and Safety of employees, or any other people affected by its actions.


Full training will be given in the following areas:


  • Fire safety.  Manual Handling.
  • First Aid. 
  • Machinery and visual display equipment.


Everyone in the company has a personal responsibility to:


  • Take reasonable care of their own Health and Safety.
  • Co-operate with any actions their employer must take to comply with the Health and Safety at Work Act.
  • Avoid placing others at risk.
  • Not to misuse items which have been provided in the interest of other people’s safety



Ultimately Rock Solid Promotions Ltd takes full responsibility for the Health and Safety of all employees and trainees. This is achieved by: -



  • Bringing the Health and Safety policy to the employee or trainee’s notice
  • Giving Health and Safety induction training, including the issue of appropriate literature.
  • Giving advice, information, training and instruction on Health and Safety and safe working practices to trainees, backed up in writing where necessary.
  • Ensuring that trainees are adequately supervised at all times.
  • Investigating accidents to trainees and taking appropriate remedial action. All injuries will be recorded in The Company’s accident book.
  • Provide protective clothing and equipment.
  • Ensuring that the physical environment is acceptable i.e. ventilation, room temperature, lighting and seating.
  • Ensuring that there is minimal external noise


A competent person who has an understanding of the workplace and an ability to make sound judgements will carry out regular risk assessment. The assessments will be supported by accurate record keeping, and reviewed when necessary.



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