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Exhibition stands for use at Internet World

Our stand packages have been effectively used by several exhibitors of Internet World. Here are just a few examples.

The price of £250 per square metre includes the seamless graphics that are 3m high, the installation of the stand at Internet World. It also includes a project manager to deal with all the exhibitor manual paperwork for you as well as furniture, a reception desk, powerful exhibition lights, a litertaure rack, a wood effect floor covering. All for the low price of just £250 per square metre.

We have a minumum order value of £3,000 plus vat and we cap our costs at £6,000 plus vat so you will never pay more than that.

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To see previous examples of our exhibition stand package in action complete with costs for each stand - click here.


The Rock Solid Stand Package    Seamless l Effortless l Priceless

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